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Tuesday Night Smackdown started off with every woman on the roster & involved in the Money In The Bank ladder match in the ring. Each and every one of them cut their own promo, telling one another and the WWE Universe that they were going to be walking away Missus Money In The Bank. During Naomi’s speech, Lana’s music hits and cuts her off. All eyes turned towards the ramp where after weeks of being teased, Lana finally made her long awaited debut. Shane greeted her and told her although that Smackdown was the land of opportunity, now was not the time and it didn’t work for him right now. Lana then told him that she promises when it works for her that she will make it work for him. The Ravishing Russian brought up the fact that Naomi couldn’t be involved in the match but she could.

Naomi seemed to not take her seriously, asking Lana why she came out there with all her foolishness. The Women’s Champion then claimed Lana couldn’t ‘hang’ with the rest in the ladder match which didn’t settle too well with the Ravishing one. Noami pointed out that Lana has never had a singles match and asked her to name off some people she had beaten. Of course it was rhetorical and for giggles on Naomi’s part. Lana got into the Champion’s face, claiming she could beat her. Both women began mouthing off, Lana piping up in Russian of course. Regardless of the efforts, Shane said that the match was something Lana needed to earn before she eventually stomped off to the back.

During the six woman tag-team match, Lana came out and made her way down the ramp while Natalya and Tamina were dominating Naomi in the ring. Naomi countered and went out onto the apron to perform a move, catching the sight of Lana and already smack talking the blonde. Once Naomi went to get into the ring, Lana took her leg out from under her as payback for the words exchanged earlier in the night. Tamina later pinned the Women’s Champion, Lana clapping on the ramp. She stood tall with the heel women in the end.

Later on in the night Naomi is seen with Shane McMahon, ranting about Smackdown’s Newest arrival. She says she wants to fight Lana and she’ll even put her title on the line and that peaked the commissioner’s interest. At Money In The Bank it will be Naomi (c) vs. Lana for the Smackdown Women’s Championship!


Born into a wealthy Russian family, Lana’s neighbors were ex-presidents, diplomats and other powerful political figures. Fulfilling her desire to pursue a stateside education, Lana attended Florida State University, where she not only learned English, but also majored in Foreign Affairs, Business and Social Media Marketing. Encouraged by her parents to discover an investment hobby, Lana invested her knowledge and business acumen into Rusev. Living by the philosophy that no mountain is too high to climb, Lana plans to use her smarts to conquer WWE. Following Rusev’s impressive debut in the 2014 Royal Rumble Match, Lana put The Bulgarian Brute on full display. Helping deliver their message of superiority to the WWE Universe, Lana also pledged her heart along with her service, accepting Rusev’s marriage proposal in 2015. With armies of vanquished Superstars already in her wake, you’ll never find Lana far from greatness — in fact, you’ll likely find her whispering in its ear.
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