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Born into a wealthy Russian family, Lana’s neighbors were ex-presidents, diplomats and other powerful political figures. Fulfilling her desire to pursue a stateside education, Lana attended Florida State University, where she not only learned English, but also majored in Foreign Affairs, Business and Social Media Marketing. Encouraged by her parents to discover an investment hobby, Lana invested her knowledge and business acumen into Rusev. Living by the philosophy that no mountain is too high to climb, Lana plans to use her smarts to conquer WWE. Following Rusev’s impressive debut in the 2014 Royal Rumble Match, Lana put The Bulgarian Brute on full display. Helping deliver their message of superiority to the WWE Universe, Lana also pledged her heart along with her service, accepting Rusev’s marriage proposal in 2015.
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Now that she’s Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks is back on top of the world. And now that she’s back on top of the world, there’s no shortage of women (and men) looking to knock her off. The first Superstar to step to The Boss, however, was not Charlotte but Rusev and Lana, who pre-empted Charlotte’s response to Sasha’s challenge that the Women’s Title rematch not just be at Hell in a Cell but in Hell in a Cell.

Charlotte, of course, was having none of that, snatching the mic from The Bulgarian Brute to accept Sasha’s challenge and berate The Super Athlete for dismissing the Women’s Revolution. Tensions quickly rose after that as both Lana and Rusev insisted they were the only ones worthy to main-event Raw and step inside Hell in a Cell. Sasha & Charlotte quickly united to send both Superstars tumbling from the ring, and Rusev seemed ready to retaliate until Roman Reigns made his entrance (and not a moment too soon), evening the odds and helping to drive the dastardly duo away.

The Boss and The Big Dog. Has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think? In any case, Sasha Banks & Roman Reigns make a hell of a team, whereas Charlotte & Rusev turned out to be a less-than-ideal duo in Raw’s marquee Mixed Tag Team Match — thanks in no small part to growing tension between Charlotte and Rusev. Lana had warned Charlotte before the match to pull her weight as Rusev’s partner, and as a result of the inherent discord in the ranks, the two Superstars could never quite get on the same page.

That ended up being the undoing of the team when Charlotte tagged in without the knowledge of a loopy Rusev and Banks took control quickly, eventually locking “The Queen” into the Bank Statement. When The Bulgarian Brute attempted to break up the hold, Reigns pounced, Spearing his No. 1 contender into the Mesozoic Era while Charlotte tapped to end the match.

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After Reigns match against Owens Rusev with Lana attacked Reigns.

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Last week, Lana got her face inadvertently shoved into a wedding cake. Now, it’s her husband’s turn to get himself mired in a messy situation. Despite retaining his United States Title against Cesaro last week, Rusev was still fuming over Roman Reigns’ disrespect, and he vowed to hijack Raw until the No. 1 contender apologized. He even threatened to defect to SmackDown Live when Raw General Manager Mick Foley and Commissioner Stephanie McMahon refused to back up his one-man crusade. Reigns showed up, of course, but all he did was stir the pot by insulting Lana, which led to Rusev vowing to avenge his wife’s honor … and Foley giving him an opportunity to do so in a non-title bout against Reigns later tonight.

The Ravishing Russian laments the disastrous end of her post-wedding Raw celebration as she storms through the backstage area.


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What was originally slated to be a recitation of Rusev and Lana’s vows and a viewing of their slideshow turned into an international incident when Reigns showed up with a wedding toast and a challenge for the U.S. Championship. Both were declined, so Reigns poured some bubbly and gave the toast anyway. It started off contentious and got worse when The Big Dog insulted the groom’s, erm, masculinity, at which point a scuffle ensued that ended with Rusev accidentally shoving his bride into their wedding cake.



See exclusive images from Rusev and Lana’s incredible wedding. Photos courtesy of Cynthia Heisser-Baker

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